Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blogging is so 2007

....but I don't care.

This may sound incredibly narcissistic, but I really love my little blog. When I couldn't run I thought about shutting it down, but after reading through some of the archives I changed my mind. I love reading my old race reports. I get a kick out of seeing where I've come and how much my perception of what I'm capable of has changed.

Of late, I think my posts have been somewhat boring and not particularly well written. Take it as a metaphor for my running. Just as I'm getting back into the swing of things physically, my blogging will take a while to get up to speed as well. I promise I'll improve.

Yesterday Marc and I ran an easy 12 miles in anticipation of next Saturday's Pacific Rim 1 Day race. On the face of it, a 12 mile run on pavement isn't that interesting. The exciting part is that the run was a scout out of the route along the Springwater Corridor to Powell Butte. The corridor runs within a mile of our house and connects to Powell Butte as it travels farther east. I usually head west on the corridor and down to the Portland waterfront. I've never headed too far in the easterly direction, mainly because it goes through a few sketchy industrial sections. But we discovered that not much farther the scenery becomes more rural and I'd almost venture to say, bucolic. We probably won't run this again as just a 12 miler, but it will make a superb start and end to a longer run when we can do a few loops on the trails at Powell Butte.

This week I'm really ramping down the running. I've pushed a little harder than I would have to get ready for Saturday. And I still think a 50k at this point in my training is a stretch. Oh I'll definitely do it, but how I'll hold up after 20 miles is a mystery. I'm still wrapping my mind around trying to run a personal worst. But it will be a personal best in a different sort of way if I can do it injury free.


olga said...

Blogging is so 2005:) but I am going to post once in a while anyway. I know folks are facebooking and twitting, but how much can you say of what is really going on inside when there is a word limit? And may be it is better that only a few hardy souls are visiting now, as opposed to everybody sees what's going on with you on FB - makes them special, not simply by-passers.
Good luck this weekend. 50k is a good goal you will reach and enjoy.

Gretchen said...

Blogging definitely has its own rewards. I have to confess to going back to read my old race reports too. We should! That's part of the reason for writing them, so we can remember the lessons and the fun.
Good luck next weekend!

Joe said...

You capture the blogging thing well, Sarah. I'm glad you stay with it and are staying with it.

There are so many places where one needs some paragraphs to figure out what is in the head.

All the best at PacRim!! Excited to hear how it goes!!

Pinkcorker said...

I'm still reading!!!! It isn't boring Sarah! I've been rooting for you for a long time now! Take it easy on the 50k, but enjoy your return to it...I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to meet you one day...

Rick Gaston said...

I wrote in my journals so that I would have something to read when I'm older. Sometimes it makes me cringe to read them but still fun. I hope I get to enjoy my own blog too down the line. I like blogging too and I don't care that it is so 2007.

Darrell said...

There is a lot of competition out there in cyberspace. I'm on fb and twitter too, but I just can't seem to give up the blog.

Each has its place. Sometimes 140 characters or whatever it is is enough. Sometimes 14000 words won't do. Each has a place I guess.