Sunday, February 07, 2010

Keeping to the schedule...sort of

I can't remember the last time I actually followed a training schedule. Perhaps it was for the North Olympic Discovery Marathon in June 2006, but I think it might have been as far back as the New York City Marathon in 2004. I'm certainly no expert, but I prefer doing my own thing. I know the basics, I know how to build mileage and I know what days I want to run. I'm sure I could benefit from adding more quality runs to my program and that's something I might explore if I ever decide I want to qualify for Boston or something like that. But for now my goal is to build my mileage sensibly and just enjoy running. I'm still at the point in my running life where I can reap good results from just adding mileage.

That said, I'm loosely following the NYC Marathon training program for first time marathoners. It's designed for those with a base of 15 miles a week (about where I started) and peaks at 35 miles with two 20+ mile long runs. I say loosely following because I've generally been running a little farther than I'm supposed to. Oops. : ) So likely I'll end up peaking at about 40-45 miles, which is where I want to be as summer approaches.

This week was supposed to total 24 miles. But each of the midweek 4 milers were a wee bit long. Then yesterday, 8 miles turned into 9.5 and today's 4 miles became 7.5 and before I know it I've run 30 miles for the week.

Since I feel absolutely wonderful, I'm not complaining one bit.


Joe said...

Think of your approach to the plan like this, Sarah. A brand new cook needs the recipe. Follow the rules, get the cake. An experienced cook, though starts with the recipe but then enhances it from experience and knowledge.

You are the expert. I'm guessing the souffle will be awesome. Enjoy the aroma from the kitchen!

Backofpack said...

Wow, I can't add anything to what Joe said - it's perfect! However, I do want to say it makes me happy to think of you running again.

olga said...

Ditto on comments. How can we not run just a tad more? :)

Addy said...

It's wonderful to hear you saying that you are feeling wonderful :).

Keep having fun!

Darrell said...

You know what works, go with it.

Love Joe's cook analogy.

christine said...

yay for feeling good again!