Sunday, February 28, 2010

A change of plans

I'm getting tired of training. Well, that's not entirely correct. I'm getting tired of just training. I'm not a competitive person (except perhaps with myself.) I don't enter races to compete with others. But I love to participate and experience the camaraderie of finishing an event. I think that's what I've missed the most.

I'm itching to race again and May 2nd seems like such a long ways away. A little ole 10k or even half marathon isn't going to satisfy the itch. So I've upped and registered for the Pac Rim One Day on March 20th. My plan is to complete a 50k. One thing is clear: I may be impatient but I'm not impulsive. It's been on my mind a long time. I considered it and then dismissed it earlier in the year. But I've been happy with my training to date and know that if I take it slow I can do it.

After two weeks of hills, Marc wanted to do a flat pavement run this weekend in preparation for his own attempt at 24 hours at Pac Rim. So we headed out on my old faithful loop down the Springwater Corridor to the downtown riverfront and back. It was a perfect day for a long run. We got a late start due to a prior appointment, and didn't head out the door until about 9:30 am. The morning chill had worn off and we were comfortable in our shorts and short sleeves. We were treated to blue skies, sun and the occasional big puffy cloud. It might have gotten too warm but by the second half of our run the clouds started to roll in a bit more. Perfect! Due to our late start and the awesome weather there were a ton of people out enjoying the morning.

I really wanted to take it slow. We were shooting for 20 miles and my longest to date had been 16. So I set my timer to run 4 minutes and walk 2 minutes. I felt really good until the last half mile when I started to feel it a bit in my knees and my hips started to get a little stiff. We finished 20-1/4 miles in 3:47 which is a 11:13 pace. My pace needs to be even slower (at least 12 min miles or slower) to finish the 50k relatively comfortably. I can't run slower, so I'm going to up the walk time to be equal to my run time. The Pac Rim loop is one mile so I'll likely run 1/2 a lap and walk 1/2 a lap.

The timing couldn't be better. Pac Rim is three weeks away so I can employ a classic taper. If all systems are go I'll shoot for 15-16 miles next week and then just 10 the week after. Then I'll still have time to recover and complete one or two 20+ milers before TCM in May.



olga said...

That's my girl! Smart, yet not holding back too much:) You have fun, and you were always one who knew how to do it patiently. Say hi to all!

Backofpack said...

Perfect! I'm excited for you! See you there.

Joe said...

Sweet, indeed!! Boy, I can identify with the "need to race" Sarah!!! Very cool this has worked out.

Yeah, a 12 minute mile will be useful for you and probably sustainable. If there is anything going on with your knees/legs/hips, you'll be able to detect it early enough to take action and prevent anything really bad going on.

One "geek" note for you, if I may. If you run a half lap and walk a half lap, you will actually be walking more time than running, since you walk slower than you run. Not that it's necessarily a problem... plus I know you like longer run intervals!! But a 2/2 or a 3/3 might also work for you.

I'll be in LA getting ready for the marathon there while you, Marc and a cast of thousands are starting PacRim!! Fun!!

Let's go racin'!!

Darrell said...

Sounds like classic Type A goal oriented behavior, not unlike most of us. Nice that this works out so well. Have fun!