Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 weeks down

Today marked the end of my first two weeks of marathon training. Only 16 more weeks to go! Next week my "long" run heads into double digit territory when I go for 10 miles. I'm looking forward to it!

So happy to be training! But it's kind of weird being a newbie again but not really being a beginner. I need to turn my "running stuff" drawers upside down because I keep finding helpful gear in there that was long forgotten. I have a whole dresser full of running/outdoor gear and clothes. Yep, 4 big drawers and 5 smaller drawers full! Crammed full! A treasure trove! I need to really discover what's in there.

I let my hydration slip last week and had some extra sore muscles that could have been been avoided. Did I always have to pay so close attention to this stuff? I think so. But how easy I forget. After 6 weeks of sub-optimal nutrition, I'm now focusing more on proper fueling and I can feel the difference already.

I'm still committed to all my stretching and cross-training goals. Aside from my running, the most important elements are my Egoscue exercises (which include stretching as well as core strength moves) and my weight training. In the past, as I've ramped up mileage, my weight training has suffered. I can't let that happen this time and need to figure out the best days to work that in, especially legs. I'm open to suggestions! My running days are T, Th, Sat (long) and Sun and will likely add a W run in a few weeks. At this point, none are truly quality days, although I may start attending track workouts on Thursdays. I'm still going to water aerobics 3 times a week, but will likely reduce that down to twice a week and then once a week as the year progresses. Fortunately, I have a lot of options since I have access to a gym before and after work and during lunchtime. Plus I have weights at home and a decent home quality stair stepper (which right now makes a great place to hang the swimsuit and towel for drying!).

The 2010 schedule is starting to fall into place. I've included Marc's races too:

March 20: Pacific Rim One Day - Marc is going for 24 hours. I've noticed that quite a few of our running peeps have the same goal so it should be fun.
May 2: Tacoma City Marathon - it's the maniac reunion and I can't wait.
May 30: PCTR Forest Park 50k. I've been there every year since it's inception in some capacity, so its unlikely I'll miss it. Can't beat a race in my own backyard and on my favorite trail.
June 5: Rainier to Rustin - Marc is planning on the 50 miler.
June 26: Pacific Crest Marathon
June 27: Pacific Crest Olympic Triathlon - Marc.
July 10: Siskiyou Out Back 50K - It's the only 50K in the Oregon Trail Series that I haven't completed so I guess it's about time.
Oct 10: Portland Marathon, of course.

I'm more or less looking to race once a month, so I still need to find something for August and September. I wouldn't mind doing the McKenzie River 50k again in September. And there's always the Haulin' Aspen Marathon in August. Those are strong possibilities.

Happy Running!


olga said...

I think your calendar covers all time fav's for a local:) Wish I could be at a couple of those!

Joe said...

Nine drawers?? Really?? Wow!! Oughta be able to find something in there, eh?? What a hoot!

All this news is wonderful Sarah... fun to see your plans taking shape for 2010.

Pay attention to your "self-talk". You are not a new runner. You are a veteran runner coming off any injury. Use all that skill and experience to your own advantage.

Have fun next weekend with that double digit run!!

Backofpack said...

Eric and Rob will be thrilled to hear about the R2R plans! I'm thinking I'll be running the 50K...I'm worried about it getting too warm though. I've run the relay a few times when it was warm. It's a fun race! Let us know if you have questions or need help with anything.

Darrell said...

I thought I was getting out of control with two drawers and a pile in the closet. I ain't got nothing on you. Next time my wife says I have too much running gear I will remind her about your complete dresser full. ;-)

Way to go with the mileage and the race planning. Isn't it fun?

Bret said...

Nice schedule. You will have fun at SOB, the altitude is tough buts its a beautiful courese. I swear Gail and I don't plan more than a few weeks ahead. Well not totally, I did sign up for Mac Forest (is marc running?)
I will be doing PCT 50 and Waldo for dang sure.
Hey speaking of memories and FP. Look at this link from 3 years or so ago? You, Rick and I in those photos. I just reread that post last night.

Bob - said...

Nice lineup Sarah!! Good to see your back running again and looks like you are being smart about ramping back up!