Saturday, December 26, 2009


It's been nearly two years since I've run on Wildwood. For the past month I've been meaning to get out to Forest Park for a run, but for one reason or another it hasn't happened. A few times it was just too icy to safely drive over there. But today was finally the day!

I still haven't regained my wake at 5am and out the door ways, so instead we enjoyed a leisurely morning. After a late wake-up and breakfast (homemade cinnamon rolls leftover from Christmas morning!), Marc and I headed out at about 11:30.

So many trailheads to choose from, but I decided on my old trusty Birch trail that connects between 53rd Avenue and Wildwood. The weather was mid-30's, very windy, but sunny! It's been dry so the mud was minimal. Perfect trail running conditions!

We ran to Firelane 1 and back, which put the mileage at just under 8 miles. The running was easy. Seemingly out of the blue, some of my "issues" have resurfaced this past week. So I was closely monitoring how I felt. So far so good. I feel better now than I did after Thursday's shorter run. But I'm still going to try to get in to see my chiropractor this week for a "tune-up".

Despite the huge time gap since my last Wildwood run, the trail was like a familiar old friend. We settled back into the old rhythm together. I've heard some people tell of being bored with Wildwood. Sure there are many, many awesome trails nearby, in the Cascades and the Gorge. But I love Wildwood! If I could only run one trail for the rest of my life, Wildwood would be it. I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted over the coming months.

Before long we were back at the turn-off to Birch. I ran about half of the quarter mile uphill before walking. Of course, Marc blasted up the hill. Have I mentioned how much fun we've had running together?

Marc is the tiny speck at the top of the trail.


Joe said...

Sarah, this is SO COOL!!! So happy for you!! The picture of you, beaming, is wonderful and a real tells a lot!

this is wonderful news...hope the progress continues!!

Darrell said...

How sweet it is.

I can sense you joy at being able to get out on your old fave trail.

olga said...

Aww, I miss WW...never bored or tired. Run some miles for me on it, please!

Backofpack said...

Yay! Sarah is back! That must have been so thrilling for you. I know what you mean about old, familiar routes - they are the best. I'm so glad that you are able to run again!

Bret said...

WTG!!!! I bet that was such a nice feeling to be up there. I agree it is one of the best trails ever. I think the only one I might like more is the last 10 miles or so of McKenzie River trail.
Don't rush if some of that pain is coming back. Better to be a little mile runner for longer than a no mile runner.:)

Rick Gaston said...

That last shot is beautiful. 11:30AM sounds like my kind of run. In 2010 I plan on joining some runners who run at 5AM on Thursday mornings, I'll tell you how that goes. Glad your reunion with Wildwood went well. I know what you mean, there's one trail I feel the same way with.

onesillymama said...

The photo of you and Marc says it all, Sarah... you are so on your way back. I am so happy for you!