Thursday, November 05, 2009

Made for this

Last week my chiropractor commented, "You have a body made for running."

I like that!

Running is going very, very well. And I couldn't be happier. Running is truly my passion and it feels so good emotionally, mentally, and physically to be able to do what I love again. I still get a few odd aches and pains here and there, but it definitely feels like my running stride is back. I try to reflect back on how it felt nearly 9 years ago to be a new runner. Back then I probably had more aches and pains than I do now. So its all about perspective for sure. Even with my way too long lay-off I need to remember that I'm already much farther along than I was as a beginning runner.

I'm raring to go, but pretty satisfied with just working on my base for now. I bumped up to 4 miles earlier than planned and have settled back into my old schedule of running on Tue/Thurs/Sat/Sun. I'll stay here awhile, but will work on increasing some of my runs to 5 and 6 by the end of the year. No plan yet to add back in a Wednesday run, but that will come in time too. The goal to begin marathon training in January is on track.

In other running news, the non-runner Marc (Can he really still claim non-runner status? I don't think so.) has decided he needs another maniac star. To that end we're spending Thanksgiving weekend in Washington state. First, we'll be in Olympia on Thanksgiving day to celebrate the holiday with my trail running, and all-around good buddy, Sharon. Marc better do some serious carbo loading because then its on to Gig Harbor on Friday for the Wishbone Run (approx. 27.8 miles). Then Saturday and Sunday we'll be in Seattle for the Seattle Ghost Marathon and the Seattle Marathon, respectively. The little guy and I will volunteer at the Ghost. This will bring Marc's marathon/ultra total up to mine (20 combined). I guess I better get busy!


Bob - said...

YEAH Sarah ... that is GREAT News!!

Run Sarah Run!!

Backofpack said...

Hey Sarah - it's great to hear you are on track and feeling good!

Glad you are coming up for the triple. We'll be at Ghost - I'll take an early start, so I'll probably see you on the course. My advice for Marc after doing the triple last year is this:
1. Start fueling (food and drink) for the next race the minute you finish the current one. Eat even if you don't feel like it.

onesillymama said...

What awesome news... it's like rediscovering your love. :-)

Jessica DeLine said...


Bret said...

Is this the post of that big time marathon and ultra runner? I think it is! Good job! Your back. And you are doing it right by going slow. Nicely done.
And tell Marc Im glad he is the one doing the triple not me.

olga said...

Pretty soon Marc will pass my status too:) But you know what, more power to him, and yay for your recovery path!

Joe said...

Wonderful news in this post, Sarah. You know enough to take it steady and let your body adapt to the conditioning. Steady pace wins the race.

Marc is such a dude...a!! Gonna need a triple helping of the Thanksgiving dressing just to adequately carbo load!!!

Carrie said...

Sarah, you are really inspirational with your perserverence (I do not know how to spell that word!). Really -- you help me keep going after my [comparatively] minor injuries. I am really happy for you and just so impressed that your waiting game paid off!

Here's hoping that Marc has better weather for his Seattle marathon than I did for mine! 'Course snow/rain probably won't bother him so much. :-)

Addy said...

I'm so glad to hear that this is working well! Your goal sounds so exciting :)

Keep it up!

Darrell said...

That had to have been music to your ears. Stick with your plan and you'll be ready for the next big race.