Monday, July 27, 2009

Mt. Hood PCT 50 Miler - 2009 version

This is the 4th year the family has been coming to this race:

2006 - Marc and I ran the 50k - our first ultra.

2007 - I was registered and well trained for the 50 mile - what was to be my first 50 miler. But I came down with a nasty flu bug a few days before the race. So Marc jumped in to take my place and he completed his first 50 miler.

2008 - Again, I was registered but unfortunately unable to race, as I had stopped running in February of 2008. Again, Marc took my place and completed his 2nd 50 miler.

2009 - Marc actually registered for the race this year, and completed his 3rd 50 miler. His goal was to run under 11 hours. He made it - finish time: 10:48.

2010 - stay tuned.......

Here's a summary of our weekend in pictures:

Friday evening we relaxed with a paddle on the crystal clear Clackamas Lake

Almost time for the 5:30 early start

Marc leads the early starters (he likes to go out fast)

Coming back through the start/finish - about mile 28-30 (not sure exactly).

He took a spill a few miles back. From a distance I thought this was blood, but fortuantely, was only dirt. He did get a bump on the other side of his forehead, plus some road rash on his legs.

Tanking up

The little guy holding the supplies.

We walked with him for about a quarter mile.

Then sent him on his way!

Kind of glad I wasn't heading up that hot, dusty road!

The little guy and I checked out the spring that feeds Clackamas Lake

And took a hike around the lake

Love the big trees!

Here he comes...a quarter mile to go and he's stoked that he'll break 11 hours!

Tuckered out, but he felt good about his race. No bonking!

Nice feet!

Back to the spring for a cool dip

He cleans up well! Refreshed with some carbo re-loading.

Enough energy to go out for a paddle later that evening

Goof ball!


Backofpack said...

What a beautiful day! It's great that Marc finally planned to run it and did so well. his own shoes? Maybe a spot of training? Way to go!

robtherunner said...

One of these days I need to get over for that run. I wish it weren't on the same weekend as White River.

olga said...

WS lottery, here he comes? Hey, why not? Chances are so low these days...wouldn't it be funny if he got in? :)

Darrell said...

I was just looking through some pix that were linked via a comment on Rob's blog and I thought I recognized Marc. Yep, I did. Very cool, #3.

Looks like you had a nice time too. I'm looking forward to what 2010 has in store.

Anonymous said...

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