Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family fun times

On Independence Day we decided to participate as a family in our running club's annual 4th of July 5k and 10k. Marc ran the 10k and the little guy ran the 5k. My main modes of exercise lately have been water aerobics and yoga. However I did a lot of walking on our recent trip to Florida and have been on a few successful short hikes in the gorge. So I decided to walk the 5k. My goal was to keep it at the level of a stroll, which meant I was shooting for an hour finish. I ended up coming in at 54 minutes, Marc finished his 10k in 48:30 and the little guy paced himself to a 27 minute finish. You better believe I'm signing him up for the cross country team this fall! All in all it was a fun way to spend a holiday morning. I was grateful to be out participating in a race again. But walking really isn't my thing.

Yesterday we went on a 7 mile hike in the Opal Creek Wilderness. This area is famous for it's ancient forest and clear blue green pools along Opal Creek.

Marc swimming in the cool, clear water

Single track through some big trees

Goofing around...there's an old mining town here

Opal pool

I did the hike (and last week's 5k) in my Vibram Fivefingers. I've jumped onto the almost-barefoot and/or minimalist shoe bandwagon. Right now I can't imagine trail running (except on really soft rock-free trails) in the VFF's. But I hear that Vibram is coming out with a new model with more of a treaded sole. Nevertheless, there are many minimalist trail shoes to try out.

I have trail running on the brain because last week I started a couch to 5k running program. I'm allowing myself to dream about running again. And hopefully it's not just a dream. I still have some aches and pains. But those aches and pains feel more like my body re-adjusting itself. I'm excited and optimistic, yet taking it slow. I've never started at such a basic level and I will probably repeat some of the weeks a few times. So I truly am going back to the beginning. I've been hesitant to mention it here, so cross your fingers that I haven't just jinxed myself.


Addy said...

Sounds like a good time with the family :) I've just started the couch to 5k program as well - hopefully it'll get you back to your old self! Good Luck :)

Barbara said...

You're on your way back, Sarah! :-)

A friend of mine got some VFFs a few months ago; I'd never seen them before -- crazy looking things!! :-D

Backofpack said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan Sarah! Good luck!

Joe said...

Great post, Sarah. I'll be interested to see how the minimalist "shoes" keep working for you.

I don't see this as a jinx at all... rather a very solid, sane, humble yet bold plan to move back to running.

Pulling for you all the way!!!

Darrell said...

The Opal hike looks like a real treat.

All the best with the C25K plan. Take it slow.

olga said...

Sarah, your patience and resolve are absolutely wonderful, just like you are. I'll be looking forward to your progress, sometimes that's what we need - start from the start. I plan on it this fall:) Thanks for all the support.

Rick Gaston said...

Sounds like a good beginning and I hope it's truly a dream to reality scenario. The little guy is getting taller and faster. 27 minutes on a 5k, pretty darn cool.