Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good thing I renewed his maniac membership

Honestly, I didn't think I'd be involved in many ultras this year. There are a few events I've enjoyed volunteering for. But...I'm still conflicted about not being able to run. Volunteering at Pac Rim One Day was tons of fun. But I was a little depressed for a few weeks after. I'm over that, but wasn't really thinking about attending any more races this year. For now, it's easier to stay away and focus on other things. Last spring and summer, Marc ran all "my" races for me and then some of his own too. But he's a "been there, done that" kind of guy. So I thought that summer would be about doing other things and going other places.

I guess I thought wrong.

I recently got the email call for volunteers for PCT 50 in July. When I mentioned it to Marc, his response: "I better bring along my running gear this time." If you've followed along, you know that he's been talked into, conned, dared, wheedled, coaxed, cajoled and/or convinced to run it on the fly the last two years. I had a novel idea....maybe he could actually register for it this year. And of course, he'd need a training race or two. So.... short story, he's registered for the Mt. Hood PCT 50 miler on July 25th (news flash....its a new course) and the Forest Park 50k this Sunday. Never mind that his last long run was the Haulin' Aspen marathon last August. Seems like par for the course around here.

Stay tuned....

P.S. Thanks for all the encouraging comments and emails in response to my last post. It means a lot to me to still feel like part of the gang.


Bret said...

Sarah, you and your family will ALWAYS be part of the gang!

Yeah Marc! We gonna get lost again together this year??

See you two or three on Sunday!

Backofpack said...

I'm with Bret - you'll always be part of the gang! We have a friend up here who's been struggling with an injury for a year too. She's been volunteering lots and we love still seeing her at races - and that's how we feel about you. I don't think Pac Rim would be the same without you and the little guy there. Hope you have fun this weekend.

olga said...

Yeah, that smart ass Bret stole words out of my mouth too:) And knowing Marc, this is EXACTLY how he runs races, so what's new? He doesn't know any other way, he wouldn't be able to operate when he is seriously trained, properly clothed and has his own trail running shoes. Have fun you guys!

Joe said...

Sarah, thanks so much for the news!! Nice to hear.

Yes, you are part of the "gang" not demote yourself!

Hope you are well and taking what comes your way. I think of you often, hoping you are healing up!!!