Saturday, January 12, 2008

The running cowboy

Or maybe he's the running hillbilly. You decide.

Marc has actually been training for about a month now. He's registered for the Capitol Peak 50 mile in April and plans to enter the Cascade Crest 100 in August. I'm really proud of him and am looking forward to crewing for him at these races. Anyway if you see the running cowboy be sure to say hi.

I skipped my run this morning. I've felt particularly tired this week and ready for bed most nights by 9pm. I'm not sure why since I haven't really increased my mileage that much and my weight training is non-existent. Maybe I'm still adjusting from my 2 week vacation over the holidays. Anyway, I want to run at least 22 miles tomorrow in Forest Park, and hopefully more. I'm sure it will be hard since I haven't run there yet this winter when its been really muddy. And while I want to increase my mileage, I don't want to burn out. So I'm slacking today.

My right arm is still bugging me so I'm going to try to get in to see my LMT and chiropractor this week. I can't pinpoint one spot where the problem stems. But it feels weak all the time and aches some of the time. I think it may be a nerve thing. Weird and annoying. And it's making me grumpy. I can't carry a bottle, but the bright side is I can still run!


Backofpack said...

Marc just looks cute. Silly, but cute. CCC should be great - if Rob runs, I'll be crewing for him, and our run club will be handling Hyak again. Cool!

Joe said...

That broad-rimmed hat of Marc's is essential in your rainy climate, I'm guessing!!!

Your legs will return...just stay with it!

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Fussy... I mean Grumpy Head, it's ok to be grumpy because of ur arm cause I am grumpy cause of my arch.

I did run 12 miles today--hurt about 8 miles into it---grrrrrrrrrrrrr...anyways ur tiredness is from not moving as much like u use to...get ur butt moving and u will get more energy samething happens to me from the Holidays

Marcs got some good races to train for that is very cool...for a non-runner--haha ummm wait has he admitted yet that he is a runner now? or do we have to wait until this year is over :-)

I'm thinking his pic looks more Hillbilly then cowboy.

Darrell said...

He looks like a lot of ultra runners I see. Besides the hat adds a certain flair. Good luck to him.

Bob Gentile said...

Sarah do u have this workbook yet?

It might be some help for ur arm...I love this book!! Its on sale now at Amazon for $13.57 well worth it! and a great addition to ur library...Check out the website below

click here

Sarah said...

Thanks Bob! I've seen that book before but I don't have it. I noticed the author also has one devoted to shoulders. I'll get them. Thanks!

Sarah Elaine said...

Sorry to hear about the arm. I hope you get it sorted out soon. I sprained my wrist (mildly) over Christmas and I noticed that it affected my run. My arm felt heavy and just "not the same". I hope yours clears up soon.

olga said...

Go, Marc!!! Getting ready for CC100 is half, if not more, fun of the whole race thing:) And somebody said he won't be training?

Pinkcorker said...

That hat is great! He is so cute! I am looking forward to the race in Portland and am hoping to hook up with you there Sarah! I'm so excited about it! I'll email you sometime to find out a little more about the trail.
Your blog is so uplifting!