Sunday, October 28, 2007

Winding down

The sun is lower in the sky, the air is crisp, the leaves are falling. One more race on the schedule and it definitely feels like the season is winding down.

After last week's poker run, I was tired. Bone tired. To the core. I can't remember the last time I felt that way. I think it was due to a lot of continuous running. Which just so happened to be excellent training for Autumn Leaves next weekend. My right knee/ITB was feeling tender so it didn't take much to convince me to skip my regular Tuesday run. Went out for a short 3 miles on Wednesday and the knee felt fine, so I'm glad I took the extra rest. Skipped all my strength training this week and on my non-run days slept in as late as I could and still be able to get to work on time.

Saturday Marc had to work in the morning so I took the opportunity to sleep in yet again. Around 2, I had Marc and the little guy drop my off at the Springwater Corridor, while they took a hike by the river. I turned on the music and I was off. I should mention that our weather has been absolutely beautiful lately. In September, fall started with a bang and two weeks of rainy, gray, gloom. But now we seem to be in a long stretch of perfect fall weather, sunny and crisp. I know it won't last but I'm enjoying it while I can.

Anyway, the combination of the beautiful weather and the upbeat tunes set me off on a speedy (for me) pace. A couple of times I thought I should probably slow up. But darn that's really difficult to run slow with that thing. I'm starting to understand why some people can't run without their music. I'm enjoying it but glad I've proven to myself that I can run without it.

Neither picture by me

My route took me down the corridor, along the Eastbank Esplanade, over the Steel Bridge, along the downtown Waterfront Park, over the river on the Hawthorne Bridge and back down the the corridor to my starting spot. I only had my regular watch so didn't know my pace, but it felt fast. I continued on up the hill another mile and stopped at the Starbucks. Bought a grande java chip light frappacino and nursed it on the 1.5 mile walk home. Back home I figured out my mileage -- 11 miles at a 9:20 minute pace. After feeling whipped all week I wasn't expecting that. But more good training for the flat pavement of Autumn Leaves.

Today I'm taking it easy again. May go out for a run later, may not. This week will be a few easy 6 milers and then Autumn Leaves on Saturday. I volunteered last year and I'm looking forward to it this year, despite the pavement. There's something about running loops that seems appealing right now. Looking forward to a few loops with friends, a few with the music, and maybe a few in silence. Seems like a good way to wind down the season.


Backofpack said...

Winding down? Starting up! I think my season runs from October through June for marathoning, then June-July for relays, nothing for August or September. Of course, Jan/Feb are kind of light too - not many races besides the local trail runs...

It looks like a beautiful day in Portland - and that java chip frap sounds delicious!

robtherunner said...

It has been beautiful fall weather indeed. I am looking forward to Autumn Leaves and I hope the weather holds. Thanks for the great pics of Portland.

olga said...

It WAS a beautiful weekend, wasn't it? I'll be at the start 6 am till you finish:)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

sounds good!

(and I like your photo credit)

wendy said...

I love that you slept as late as you could and took some time off to rest up your legs - sounds like it was a good idea!

It's been gorgeous here too - crisp is a great word to describe it outside!

Best wishes for AL!

Joe said...

A great sense of timing on your recovery, Sarah. That shows you are a mature runner...good for you.

Photos of Portland are beautiful!! Even if you didn't take them!!!

All the best at Autumn Leaves!!!

PNW Runner said...

I've actually flirted with the idea of doing that run also, the 50K that is. Hmmm, don't be surprise if you see me this weekend. Have fun!

Bret said...

Yeah Gail and I ran downtown last week. I really enjoyed it. Autumn Leaves, yep just one loop...then maybe we do another...just one at a time. Should be good weather and fun time. CYA at 0-dark-thirty on Saturday.

matt said...

wow, okay, so i am moving there now. it looks so lovely, sarah.

sounds like you are going to rejuvinate over the winter and head into next year's races really strong and focused.

hey, any chance that you and marc would want to come down and run at the Tahoe Rim Trail in July? I am going to sign up for the 50 miler there, but they have a 50K and 100 mile choice, too.

Addy said...

Glad you're enjoying such beautiful weather up there! Have such a great time at Autumn Leaves tomorrow :) Can't wait to hear about it!

rick said...

I feel it too. Season is winding down and so is my body. Body has been feeling it for awhile now. The quick vacation in Florida was a good and needed break. Me too, one more race. Feels nice to throttle down a bit right.

Bob Gentile said...

11 miles at a 9:20 minute pace.
wow very nice for getting back into it ...great job & love the pics!!