Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time goals

I must be tapering because I feel like posting every day. Olga commented on my last post that she had a time goal in mind for me for her upcoming race (as RD), which just so happens to be my first 50 mile trail race. Honestly, I was thinking of keeping my goals to myself this time But I realized that would make me a very bad blogger and its probably wise to get them out there anyway. I want to have fun but I'm serious about this too. I haven't been training for 6+ months for nothing! So here goes:

Sarah's Official Mt. Hood PCT Ultra 50 Miler Time Goals
(subject to change if someone has a better idea)

Goal C: Since this is my first 50 miler, I think it prudent that my first goal be the obligatory "To Finish". Despite a few thoughts during the past few weeks of "What did I sign up for!?!", I really have no doubts that I can finish. I will be extremely happy to make this goal.

Goal B: My first time goal is to break 12 hours. That's a 14 min 22 sec pace. I'll feel pretty good about myself if I can come in under 12 hours.

Goal A: My pie-in-the-sky goal is 11:15. That's a 13-1/2 min pace, which is the pace I ran the 50k (my first) last year. Yes, 50 miles is 19 miles longer than a 50k. But my fitness is so much better this year than last. And from looking at the prior year's results and comparing my times with others I recognize, I think this is a challenging, but attainable goal if everything falls into place.

So there you have it. I welcome any comments and suggestions!


Backofpack said...

I must be a space cadet! I totally forgot that your 50 miler was Olga's race. I'll be there - apparently at the aid station at Frog Lake aid station. I'll be a-lookin for ya!

olga said...

Weak, baby, weak:) Think a little more as you taper!

Sarah said...

LOL! Is it good enough that my pace chart is going to be for 11:15???
: )

olga said...

Not at all, but it's a good practice:)

wendy said...

oh, honey - you had to pick Olga's race for your first, didn't you!

I can't comment at all, I'm a lowly one-hit wonder with only 1 marathon under my belt. ;-) But I can tell you I've heard the plan A, plan B, and plan C concept from some of our own hard core runners, although, I don't anticipate you eating any Mondo burgers during this run, so really plan A and B are your only choices, which then can be moved to B and C, leaving you room for Olga's plan A. =)

Keep visualizing your success, it worked for Leigh at WS100!

robtherunner said...

My advice is to pace for the 11:15, but if it feels too easy don't be afraid to pick it up. I have no idea what the course is like, but I do not think it is super hard. (That's kind of funny to say that a 50 miler is not super hard)

You've come a long way. Be smart! I know you will do great.

Bret said...

Bret's goals:
1. Be brave enough to do the 50 miler not 50K
2. Not fake an injury at 50K turnaround.
3. Not get eaten by Bigfoot or the Bears hanging out in Government Camp lately.

Sarah you are in such good shape that at the finish you might what to do another lap for fun!

Good goals. I actually do 3 on all marathons, most Ultra's I just want to finish.

rick said...

Sarah go, go, go. What's the altitude profile for this race, what type of elevation are talking about here? I'm with Rob, pace for the 11:15, don't be scared to go harder if you have it, don't hesitate to go slower if it's too hard to keep the pace. Don't go hard too fast, don't do anything you haven't done in training. But aim high.

Sarah Elaine said...

A 50-miler? Rock on, sister! When I ran my half people in the know said "The first time, the goal is just to finish", but sometimes when that is what Rob calls a 'gimme' it is OK to set other goals. And yours sound more reasonable, based on your experience so far. Keep us posted!

Darrell said...

I thought your goals looked good, but looks like Olga is not about to cut you any slack. Sounds like you'll do just fine.

PS. PDX rocks - free Wifi!! 8-)

Joe said...

Sarah, you go!!

Good planning on the ABC goals. In the crunch, 9 or 10 hours in, you'll be glad you pre-thought them each.

Wow, 10 days to go...taper madness indeed...it will be here soon!

Gretchen said...

Wow sarah, I have never read your blog before but you just posted almost my exact goals for this weekend's Tahoe Rim Trail 50. Weird! The only difference is that my big goal would be to break 11:00 not 11:15. I am a big fan of the "3 goal system." I think Wendy makes the best point though....if finishing is essentially a given, then you have room for one more "reach" goal. I don't know anything about your course though. Just listen to Olga!
Have fun with your taper!

Ginger Breadman said...

I love the 'I must be tapering because I feel like posting every day." It's a true sign of taper madness. I say go for all the goals, A, B, and C. Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and go on from there.

Jack said...

I think the 11:15 is doable if you are feeling good on race day, you've been running strong this year.