Saturday, July 14, 2007

Change of plans

Today was supposed to be a hilly 15 miles on trails. But time constraints and me just plain not feeling like driving to run turned it into a 15 mile marathon pace road run. Speed instead of hills seemed like a good trade-off. I ran from my house down around the Portland waterfront and back. I was finished by 8:30 am, but it was already getting hot and humid with 5 miles to go. So I got in a bit of heat training too.

Tomorrow, Sharon and I are running in a women only trail 8K over in Forest Park. I'm mainly doing it for the swag and to support the park. Considering that I ran faster today than I expected, I'm not sure whether I'll run the race tomorrow as a fun run or try to race it. Right now I'm leaning towards fun run, but if I recover well I'll try to put out some effort. One thing I know for sure, I will not be running with Sharon. I'll bet there are still a few high school track records with her name on them back in Vermont. This is her time to flex those fast twitch muscles of hers. Go Sharon!


Bob Gentile said...

Have a great time tomorrow...GO Sharon!! and I am sure Sarah you will kick it in a little bit to "chick" some of da boys:-)

Speaking of CHICKED, Geesh Krissy Moehl Kicked Hard Rock's ass this weekend THIRD Overall...and course record, same with Stud Jurek on a CR.

Nice miles & way to beat the heat a little bit in am, I really need to wake up early to do my runs here in FL...

just such a non-morning peep that I battle the heat in the afternoon as my penalty for not rolling out of bed--lol

Take care!

Darrell said...

Seems like a reasonable trade off. Have fun at the 8K.

olga said...

I should see ya there:)