Saturday, June 03, 2006

Takin' it easy

I finally feel like I'm ready to taper. I guess its about time since my marathon is only a week away. Today was my last long run. (I don't really consider 8 long.) It was a bit faster than I would have preferred, but actually good race pace practice. I've been thinking more about a target pace. 10:00 min/mile pace might be too fast for me. Maybe 10:15 min/miles would be better. I want to have something concrete to print out and pin to my number. I feel better making it conservative and then seeing if I can beat it. For me that's better than to be too aggressive and feel like I'm struggling to keep up.

Back to the title of this post....I'm taking tomorrow off and will just do my regular easy 5's on Tuesday and Thursday. So it will be an easy week...until Sunday.


olga said...

I liked your picture! Think of the marathon as a patience practice. Then kick butt on a second half!

Kim said...

You've got enough time to set a good goal time for this marathon and then worry about the 50K! Good luck!!!

Sarah Elaine said...

Hey Sarah,

I've seen you on other running blogs and thought I'd stop by and say "Hi!"... especially considering you have such a cool name and all... ;-)

robtherunner said...

Well I still wish I could run the marathon on Sunday, but the price tag is a bit too steep for me at this point. I am running an ultra on Saturday so I will have to be happy with that. I hope you are able to rest this week and feel good going into the marathon on Sunday.